Chair & Chief Executive Messages

Caroline de Mori


Chair’s Message

Landgate’s organisational values put ‘our customers, our people and our community at the heart of everything we do’. This annual report celebrates those values and highlights the way in which Landgate makes a real contribution to Western Australia (WA).

With the property market remaining subdued in 2017/18, Landgate continued its reform program to drive down costs and increase efficiencies. Our people have worked hard to deliver impressive results, achieving a healthy $10 million profit to the State of WA. We are pleased to have been able to deliver a solid return to the State, even in such challenging circumstances.

This year, the Board and executive team defined our next five-year strategic direction for the business – be the best at what we do; support business and Government to prosper; and deliver a return to the State. Our aim is to deliver land titling functions, property valuations and location information better than ever – and increasingly do this online in a timely manner that meets

the needs of our customers. Our pursuit of operating more securely, faster, smarter and more accessibly will continue.

In the final days of the financial year, after completing a detailed scoping study into the future of Landgate, the State Government confirmed that the business would remain a strong, innovative statutory authority within
the public sector, while automated land titling functions would be commercialised. This decision vindicates Landgate’s strategy over recent years to invest in technology and innovative practices that put us at the forefront in the land registry space. It is a testament to the vision of Landgate Boards and management teams over the past decade.
I would like to thank the Minister for Lands, the Hon Rita Saffioti MLA for her ongoing support of Landgate and for her advocacy within Government. I also thank my fellow Board members for their commitment and passion for our business.

Jodi Cant

Chief Executive

Chief Executive’s Message

Innovation is part of our DNA and integral to everything we do. In 2017/18 I’m delighted to say we’ve delivered on this goal – and then some. After several years of transformative change, our business has emerged leaner, smarter, more agile and more sharply focussed than ever before, which is fitting as we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our Innovation Program.

This year, our success in delivering value to the State was highlighted through the review of our enabling legislation, the Western Australia Land Information Authority Act 2006 (WALIA). The review process, which included extensive stakeholder consultation, found Landgate to be an effective and efficient business that delivers value to the State. It also made recommendations which we are already embracing and working to improve the way we operate.

Our Valuations and Property Analytics (VPA) team continued its reform program in 2017/18, working to refine systems and processes to enhance its operations with an increasing emphasis placed on data analytics and technology. Through this period of significant change, the team continued to deliver on its substantial work program and meeting the needs of its customers.

Our commitment to leading the transition to the digital economy was strengthened this financial year, when regulations requiring certain documents to be lodged electronically were gazetted. From 1 December 2018 electronic conveyancing will become the norm for most property transactions undertaken within the community. For mums and dads buying their homes, electronic conveyancing means more efficiency and transparency around a settlement process that is faster and simpler and helps to relieve the stress around buying or selling a property.

Perhaps our stand-out achievement for the year came in the last days of June when our comprehensive package of reform to strata title legislation was introduced to Parliament. Landgate has spent a significant amount of time and energy consulting widely with industry and the community to develop reform that will see benefits for strata owners, residents, investors and developers. The reform will produce a more modern, transparent and accountable framework  for strata in WA, helping to build more vibrant and liveable communities. My sincere thanks and congratulations go to the Landgate team who have steered this important change for the benefit of our State.

In SPUR, we have successfully united our two customer and stakeholder-facing teams to maximise efficiencies and effectiveness. Our future is about collaborating with the public and private sectors to derive value out of the data we have at our finger tips – SPUR will continue to lead that charge.

Finally, the announcement by Government to retain Landgate as a bold, innovative statutory authority, while commercialising automated land titling functions, is a decision that will ensure the people of WA will get the most value out of Landgate. That our innovation in the land registry space will see a considerable return to Government, while maintaining all the core functions of the Landgate business within the public sector is a great outcome for our customers, our people and our community.