Chair and Chief Executive messages

Chair’s Message

This year Landgate achieved an outstanding outcome for the State, realising $1.41 billion from the partial commercialisation of its Land Titles Register, while protecting its ownership, integrity and security. The State retains the ownership of, and responsibility for, the Land Titles Register and other data. Land Services WA (LSWA) was appointed through an open and competitive market process, and in October 2019, commenced the delivery, improvement and maintenance of Landgate’s automated titling services.

The transaction’s success demonstrated the agency’s capacity to deliver value to the State. and our commitment to innovation with development of the New Land Registry (NLR) in 2015.

While finalisation of the partial commercialisation process was a significant achievement for Landgate and the State, it is equally important that we measure our value in terms of community good. Property market conditions and external factors have challenged Landgate. However, through remaining focused on our core business and the role we play for the community,  Landgate has continued to deliver on our purpose; to locate our place in the world, secure our property interests, and ensure equity through fair and impartial valuations.

In December, the Board welcomed two new members – Pia Turcinov and Melissa Perry. Pia brings her corporate and commercial expertise to Landgate, including experience in facilitating innovation initiatives for State and Federal programs. Melissa has more than 20 years’ experience in management, leadership and driving change across various areas.

In June, Caroline de Mori announced she would be stepping down as Chair of the Landgate Board. In the five years Caroline has been in the role, Landgate has achieved a great deal through an ambitious strategic agenda and embracing digitisation. Thank you to Caroline for her excellent leadership during her time as Chair. Thank you also to Claire Poll, who left the Board in December, for her dedication and contributions to the Board over the past nine years.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the Minister for Lands, the Hon Ben Wyatt MLA, for his keen interest in and support of Landgate, and to all Landgate employees for continuing to fulfil the agency’s purpose while delivering exceptional customer service.

The Board and I are confident in Landgate’s strategic directions and purpose; the agency is positioned well for future success.

Robert Cole


Chief Executive’s Message

Landgate is here to make a difference to our community by fulfilling our purpose as Western Australia’s land information authority. The past year reflects this, with the finalisation of Landgate’s partial commercialisation achieving an outstanding outcome for the State, and strata reform delivering significant benefits to those living and working in strata.

We continue to support a State that earns its living from the land and is rich with opportunity to do more. Through three focus areas, we deliver on our purpose: we locate our place in the world, secure our interests in property and value our homes and investments.

Over the past financial year, we have done just that. We marked a major milestone for those in Western Australia who own, live or invest in, develop or manage strata, with 1 May 2020 marking the commencement date of the most comprehensive changes to strata law in over 20 years.

The amended Strata Titles Act 1985 provides a much clearer and fairer strata framework. It is also a major milestone for Landgate, having worked so hard over many years to engage with industry, community and government to create a better way forward for dispute resolution, scheme management and buyer information, among many other areas.

Another significant achievement for our team was the culmination of the triennial metropolitan gross rental value (GRV) program. This includes the valuation of over 900,000 properties by around 50 valuers – no mean feat. The new values reflect the sustained downturn in the rental property market and take effect on 1 July 2020.

While responding to the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly challenging, we continued to operate with minimal disruption. In addition to increased hygiene and social distancing measures, we introduced a document self-lodgement process so that our customers could continue to do business.

In addition, we assisted the State Government’s response to COVID-19 operations by providing a secure and stable cloud based spatial environment to support mapping for the State Pandemic Centre – an environment designed, built and delivered in 10 working days.

It has been a big year for all Western Australians.

I would like to acknowledge and thank our Board and the Landgate team.

Our people play a critical role in fulfilling our purpose, and with our three core areas – locate, secure and value – will continue to take us forward.

Lastly, I would like to thank Caroline de Mori for all she has done for us while Board Chair over the past five years. Caroline’s business acumen and strategic engagement expertise has been an asset to Landgate, driving an ambitious digital transformation strategy.

On behalf of Landgate, I wish Caroline all the best with her future endeavours.

Graeme Gammie

Chief Executive