Significant Issues Impacting the Agency

Property market and economy

Property market conditions have remained subdued across 2018/19, leading to a further decline in land titles management activity, with document registrations now at levels similar to the late 1980s – early 1990s. While the low interest rates of recent years continued into 2018/19 this did not improve consumer sentiment. This, together with low population growth and a tightening of borrowing rules by banking institutions in response to the Royal Commission, hampered growth.

Proposed Partial Commercialisation

In June 2018, the government announced it would commercialise a restricted part of Landgate business. An open and competitive market process commenced to find a suitable service provider to deliver automated titling services for a term of at least 40 years (and up to 50 years). Landgate, together with the Department of Treasury, SSO and specialist advisors, have undertaken significant work in progressing the commercialisation. The process is expected to be completed in late 2019.

Competitive Electronic Lodgement Network Operator Market

On 1 December 2018 it became mandatory to electronically lodge any document that is currently eligible for electronic conveyancing. In working to ensure the effective operation of electronic conveyancing systems in WA, Landgate has worked closely with ELNOs to facilitate their integration with WA systems and practices.

Public sector reform

The Public Sector Roadmap for Reform highlights the potential to deliver better, smarter and cheaper services to the WA community for all government agencies, including Landgate.

Having completed an internal reform journey, Landgate continues to prepare for future changes from economic and cost pressures by realising savings through business efficiencies, while improving public policy benefits for WA and providing a greater return to government.

As part of supporting whole of government efficiencies, Landgate is working with the DPLH to facilitate greater accuracy and efficiency in Crown land transactions through the enablement of electronic lodgement. Landgate will maintain a program of continuous improvement through efficiencies in systems, processes and structural reforms, and will continue to seek alternative revenue streams and possible investment opportunities on behalf of the state.

Data Security

Information and data security will continue to be a priority internationally, nationally and at a state level. There has been an increased focus on data security and ensuring data is appropriately managed on behalf of individuals. In response to this, Landgate has developed an IT Strategy and Technology Roadmap and are formalising a cyber security strategy to address emerging issues.

Landgate was recognised in the Office of the Auditor General’s computer controls and capability assessment audit as one of only four entities that have consistently demonstrated good practices across all control categories assessed, including information security, business continuity and management of IT risks.