Outcomes-based management framework

Landgate directly supported the state government’s goal of ensuring economic activity is managed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner for the long-term benefit of WA by:

  • underpinning the effective and efficient operation of the land and property market
  • supporting the state’s rating and taxing base
  • providing access to government location information to support sound decision making by government, industry and the community.

These contributions and their relationships to state government goals and authority outcomes are outlined below.

Further details about Landgate’s contributions to the government’s goals and planned outcomes are outlined in the Significant achievements and the Disclosures and legal compliance sections of this annual report.

Shared responsibilities

Although Landgate is not directly responsible for the delivery of other agencies’ desired outcomes and services, we work with other agencies to deliver cross-government outcomes and provide benefits to government, industry and the community. For example, Landgate, through SPUR, leads implementation of WA’s Open Data Policy, SLIP and CaptureWA initiatives.

By collaborating across government to improve the access to, use and management of location information, Landgate delivers the following outcomes:

  • supporting the economic growth of the state by improving the access, use and integration of location information
  • providing location information to support sound planning and decision making for government, industry and the community
  • minimising the duplication of resources by collecting location data once and using it many times
  • reducing infrastructure cost and maintenance for location information, resulting in more efficient use of funding across government
  • developing the location information industry through partnerships between industry and government, rather than direct competition, to provide new planning and decision-making support services, geographic information system (GIS) capabilities, data collection and maintenance services, and industry development opportunities.